January 15, 1768

[January 1768]  This Eve came Mr. Forbes and Lt. John Wit with him from Brookfield and lodged here.  My Daughter Forbes not recovered, but better.


1768 January 15 (Friday).  Mr. F. and Lt. Wit leave us for Boston.  Delivered Mr. F. nine Dollars to be delivered to Mrs. Winter to get a Riding Hood for Mrs. P________.  P.M. The Deacons were to have come at 1 o’Clock to go with me to Mrs. Andrews with the Churchs vote — but they did not come till too late for me to go — it was Cold and would bring me into Evening.  Rev. Mr. Whitney came also.  I prayed ‘em to excuse me, at least for to Day (offered to go some other Day).  They went without me.  They returned latish in the Evening and informed that it was accepted, for which we were much rejoiced.  The Praise be to God!  May there be a right understanding and stedfastness!  [P.M.?] Hannah Flagg came to Spin for us and lodges here.  Am reading Hermippus redivivus.  Old Mr. Jonah Warrin here.  Reckoned with him and paid him.  Mr. Nathan Maynard here and he pays me 10£ old Tenor.