July 24, 1767

1767 July 24 (Friday).  I sent to Capt. Maynard for Mr. Cleavelands Narrative.  It is brought and I Read such parts of it as I had not read before.  At Eve came Mr. Seth Morse junior to talk with me about what he had heard in particular of my going to Andrews’s and talking with her before the last Communion.  Also about the Vote of the Church in Pursuance of which the Committee was chose to draw up something for the Church to Act upon with regard to admitting Mrs. A.  I gave him account of these Things and he went away satisfyed — said he was glad he came.  But what he has related of the great uneasiness among people affects me not a little.  May God be gracious to me, humble and pardon and Strengthen me; and prepare me for all His holy Will!