July 8, 1767

1767 July 8 (Wednesday).  Sat out from Mr. H’s.  Dined at Mr. Morse’s.  Preached his Lecture — on Rom.6.13.  After which mounted, and rode to Mrs. Martyns — but she was unhappily from home.  Yet we drink Tea with them that were there, viz. Mr. Peter Whitney, Mr. Jacob Rice etc.  After which we rode home, and found our Tabernacle in peace.  D.G.  N.B. As we came to Mr. Taylors in Northborough, they were newly returned from burying a Child that was scal’d to Death on the [blank] of 2 years old.[1]

[1]William, son of John and Jemima Taylor, died July 6, 1767, a. 2 y. 5 m.  Northborough VR, 150.