November 24, 1766

1766 November 24 (Monday).  Visit at Neighbour Nurse’s.  At Mr. Samuel Fays.  Dined and prayed there, their youngest Child being very ill; and divers others of them much exercised with the Whooping Cough.  Thence I rode to Grafton (being Sent for by the widow and Brother of the deceased and by Mr. Hutchinson who was obliged to go to Worcester) to attend the Funeral of our late Brother Mr. Benjamin Hills.  Mr. Hall of Sutton was also there.  I prayed at the House before Interment.  Was at Mr. Hutchinsons with Mr. Hall and Sir Willard who has lately begun to preach.  N.B. Mr. Hall shewed me a Letter from Mr. Cleaveland to him desiring him to favour the Admission of Mrs. Andrews to Communion with their Church.  Returning home I called at Mr. Winchesters, he being under a Tedious Lameness.  N.B. Caleb left us before Noon, to go into the Woods to look him a Place.