December 1, 1766

1766 December 1 (Monday).  Deacon Tainter and Capt. Wood killed a young Ox for me.  Weighed 21 Score.  Mr. Jonathan Rogers of Ware River here, upon his Father Lulls Affair.  He seems to want I should return him the 35 acre Lot; but upon my opening the Affair, he seems contented without expecting any more from me than what I have done.  He dines here.  I wrote in Mr. Lulls behalf, to Major Joseph Hawley Representative for Northampton, to forward a Compensation for his Loss by the Hampshire Line.  Hannah Roberts at work making Sarahs and Suse’s Gowns.  Mr. Hall of Sutton calls.  Town Meet by adjournment upon the Affair of my Wood.  They agree with Mr. Tainter for 50 lb. old Tenor.  Messrs. James Maynard and Benjamin How, about the Shop for sabbath noons.  Mr. Seth Morse brings me a Quarter of Beef of 94 lbs. at 15d Old Tenor.

December 2, 1766

1766 December 2 (Tuesday).  Buy a store shoat of Mr. John Brigham and Mr. [blank] Stimpson Drovers — weighed 70 lbs. at 16d old Tenor.  Deacon Tainter cutts and salts my Beef.  He dines here.  P.M. preach at Deacon Bonds (but he goes to Boston, to court, met him as we go to meeting) on Mat. 25.l0, last Clause from p. 69 to 81, omitting p. 74, part of p. 75 and p. 78.  May it prove a thorough awakening to us!  At Eve Mr. Steward and Master Cushing.  Hannah Roberts here at work ut supra.

December 3, 1766

1766 December 3 (Wednesday).  Sarah rode with me to Shrewsbury.  Messrs. Steward and Cushing also went.  Dined at Mr. Sumners: And Mr. Maccarty with us.  I preached the Lecture on Mat. 26.48.  A Cold Day and therefore I was short.  The Grace of God be afforded that we may profit!  Mr. Maccarty and I visited at Capt. Allens in the Eve; but we lodged at Mr. Sumners.  Sarah at Mrs. Cushings.  Caleb came again and p.m. went to work.  It was thrashing.

December 7, 1766

1766 December 7 (Sunday).  I preached a.m. on Joh. 14.6, latter part.  P.M. on Dan. 5.25.  At Eve in returning called at Ensign Warrins and at Mr. Elijahs, where I supped.  Arrived at home through much Difficulty, late and cold.  Mr. Fish, Mr. Moore and Mr. Cushing lodged here.  Mr. Moore came designing to preach for me, but finding Mr. Fish, went to Southborough.  Mr. Fessenden also came, but went to Northborough.  Mr. Fish preached on Ps. 130.7 and on Hos. 2.14.

December 10, 1766

1766 December 10 (Wednesday).  John not being yet returned from Oxford, I borrowed Capt. Woods Horse and carryed my Wife to Squire Whipples (he having come to us on Monday Eve last, and invited us to his House, to come before 12).  There we dined handsomely and Plentifully.  Mr. Cushing who lodges there, and Dr. Crosby and his Wife also, with us.  We had likewise the Pleasure of Mr. Stone of Southborough — for he and Mrs. Judith came to make us a Visit to Day; and my Daughter acquainting him where we were, he followed us, and came seasonably to dine there with us.  We understand that the famous Bill for Compensation to the Sufferers, and of indemnifying the Offenders in the late Times, has passed in the House of Representatives though long has been the Struggle to obtain it.  John returns at the Evening from Oxford with Calebs Cloths.

December 13, 1766

1766 December 13 (Saturday).  Mr. Miller comes here before sunrise, and his Kinsman soon after, to Clear.  Caleb works a.m.  I borrowed 4 Dollars of Mrs. Johnson to pay him, and cleared with him, except 20/ old Tenor which he paid for me at Oxford, and which I owe him still.  P.M. Caleb takes leave, and sets out for Framingham.  Mr. Miller also breaks off before 3 p.m. and leaves us.

December 14, 1766

1766 December 14 (Sunday).  By Reason of Mr. Fessendens complying, in Words, with my Desire that he would preach for me to Day, I did not finish the sermon I was composing, but depended upon him.  I looked for him till I was obliged to put myself into some Capacity to preach my self.  He came not — neither sent me any Message.  I went to the Meeting House.  I prayed — omitted Reading — I was obliged to repeat Sermon on Eccl. 8.13.  At noon heard Mr. F. was sick.  Mr. Cushing dined here.  No word from Mr. F.  I preached p.m. repeating sermon on Luk. 13.25 and read to v. 24.  In the Evening read Mr. Bolton in my Family.

December 15, 1766

1766 December 15 (Monday).  Went to Capt. Maynards to See what was the Matter with Mr. Fessenden and found him under a bad Cold — but he said he was not aware that his not preaching for me would be so great a Disappointment to me — and he was silent as to any Reason but [illegible] for his not sending me word of his not Coming.  At Eve Mr. Daniel Forbes paid £20 upon his Note of Hand to Me.

December 16, 1766

1766 December 16 (Tuesday).  I attended the Burial of Mr. Simeon Bellows’ Infant.  Mr. Fessenden here.  As he yesterday broached Some peculiar Notions about the Trinity, this Eve he goes on further therein.  The Sum is, That there is no Trinity, but with respect to our Redemption.  That there is no son of God before the New Testament.  That there is not eternal Gen[eratio?]n.  That Jesus is no otherwise the Son of God than as he was divinely conceived and born when he was so of the Virgin Mary.  That the Father was the Author of the Old Creation, the Material Heavens and the Earth; the son whom he believes to be God, is Author of the New — that is, the Evangelic Oeconomy: And as for Joh. 1.1 and Col. those Passages are to be taken Spiritually, and not literally.  And whatever is said of him in the old Testament, it was Spoken Prophetically and would not take place till his Conception and Birth of Mary.  As to the Appearances of old, to Abraham, Moses, Joshua, etc., they were Angels, Special and eminent, as the Angel of Gods Presence etc.  I had Shewed him Turrettine etc. — but it was of no avail.  He would adhere to the Bible, in interpreting which we made many Mysterys where there was none.  He took leave, designing to go upon his Journey tomorrow: and I took leave, assuring him that I could not go to Walpole, and praying that God might be with him to give him Light and Grace, and prepare him for His service.  John at Eve to Singing school kept by Mr. Thayer.

December 25, 1766

1766 December 25 (Thursday).  Went up into the Street on various Occasions.  Reckoned with Mr. Silas Hill.  Was at Mr. Zebulun Rice’s, his son Adam being there from Stafford.  Thomas Arnold carrys to Mrs. Barrett of Hopkinton Vol. 1 and brings Chrysal Vol. 2 which I even hate to read, as they contain Such Depths of Satan; and fill me with deep sorrow for the monstrous Degeneracy of the Age.  I am about my preparations.  John at School from Day to Day.

December 31, 1766

1766 December 31 (Wednesday).  The Year ends with extreme Cold weather.  Such as is rarely felt.  The Lord support us!  For who can stand before His Cold!  There are many Reasons for serious Reflections.  Spent the Day chiefly by my Self.  Great need to be humble and penitant for the many Defects and Miscarriages of the Year past.  Implore remission through the Merits and Mediation of Jesus Christ.  Would be seriously thoughtful of the Conclusion of my Life.  Desire to mourn that I can fasten the Thought no more effectually upon my Mind and Heart.  Lord make me know my End!  And how very frail I am!