July 17, 1766

1766 July 17 (Thursday).  Mr. Moore and I rode back to Boston.  Broke fast at Mr. Adams’s.  I called to See my Kinsman Elias at Mr. Salters, but he was gone out upon the Water; and, as they represented, without leave.  For which they were much offended.  Dr. Langdon preached the Lecture on 1 Pet. 2.25.  N.B. Talked with Mr. Jewet [of?] Rowl[ey?][1] of Ch[illegible].  I dined at Major Marshalls.  P.M. was again at Mr. Salters, whose wife was full of Resentments against Elias.  Visit Mr. Quincy, who presents me his newly printed Abstract of Monsieur Marcandier on Hemp.  Coll. Lydius there, and says he is going to Europe by the first Ship.  At Mr. Condys, where was Dr. Chauncy and several Others.  At Mr. Mathers, who communicated several of his ingenious Criticisms on the Bible, and confirmed what we did with respect to several Books which I had of him when we were young, as, Dr. Scotts Christian Life: Boems Enchirid. Precum and St. Augustine’s Meditations etc.  Visit Mrs. Breck, whose Cancer, She thinks, is better.  Went to Cousen Coverly and acquainted her with what Mr. Salter and Wife say of Elias’s Behaviour that She may seasonably do what is necessary about him.  Returned to Brother Samuels and lodge there — as do Mr. Moore, Mr. Little of Wells and Dr. Ch. Coffin of Newbury.

[1]Jedediah Jewtt (1705-1774), Harvard 1726 (SHG 8:64-8), minister of Rowely.