July 2, 1766

1766 July 2 (Wednesday).  I made a Visit to Mr. and Mrs. Sumner to condole.  Dined there.  Called to See Mrs. Man at Capt. Allens.  Was at Mr. Israel Allens.  At Deacon Miles’s and prayed there.  Visit also at Widow Jemima Miles’s.  She not at home, but I tarried a while with her Children.  In returning, met her.  Caleb and John Rogers Sled stones.  Mr. Barrett visited Mrs. Wood.  My Wife saw him at Mrs. Johnsons.  Mr. Stone also had been here, with his Brother Heman.  Mr. Stone of Yarmouth has a son born; and though weak and premature, is like to live.  Neighbour Morse has brought 60 lb. Flax from Mr. Perren’s at Roxbury, 40 for me and 20 for Mrs. Nurse.