July 13, 1766

1766 July 13 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 28 and preached upon it.  I took a great deal of Pains — but yet did it brokenly and imperfectly.  Should be glad to transcribe it.  P.M. rode [sic] the latter part of John 1, beginning at v. 29.  Had Spent my Time so much upon the forenoon Exercise that p.m. I repeated with additions and Alterations my Exposition of Mat. [12.60?].  The widow [illegible] dined with us [illegible].  Sermon on Mat. 10.16.  Counsels of Prudence, especially for Young persons.  N.B. In the proclamation for a Thanksgiving (which was read to Day) the Exhortation to assemble, is only to the Ministers, and not to the people.  And the prayers directed to be made are chiefly with reference to Submission to Authority and to live in Love etc.