June 29, 1766

1766 June 29 (Sunday).  Mr. Temple and Edwards Whipple, a little After midnight came to request me to go to the young Child of the former, being in Extremity; and to baptize it.  [Cor sursum?] I committ the whole to God and went.  Take Squire Whipple and Brother Solomon Baker, with us.  Found Neighbours Edmund and Seth Rice, Thad Warrin and Mr. Bruer there, and 2 young Women.  The Brethren of the Church and Neighbours judged the Child would not live to be carryed to a public Assembly; and desired with the Parents, it might be baptized (the Mother having Right).  We attended the Solemnity, and it was baptized Martha.  I formed Some suitable Addresses.  Returned.  Slept.  Performed the public Services.  Read Isa. 26.  Preached on v. 1.2.  P.M. read Luk. 24.  Preached again on Mat. 1.21.  Mrs. Betty Gott dined here.