June 19, 1766

1766 June 19 (Thursday).  I went to Southborough, to attend a Fast, appointed by the Pastor and people there on consideration of the various Frowns of Heaven — in the then Drought, Divisions in our State, low state of Religion.  In my Way Met Mr. Andrews accompanying Mr. Cleveland of Chebacco.  See Account of what was said etc. in a paper on purpose.  Messrs. Moore and Cushing [assist?] as Biglow with me.  To Mr. Stones.  Mr. Stone himself began with Prayer.  Then I preached on Isa. 65.24.  P.M. Mr. Bridge both prayed and preach’d.  His Text was Jer. 51.5, “For Israel hath not been forsaken, nor Judah of his God of the Lord of Hosts, though their Land was filled with sin against the Holy one of Israel.”  At Eve return.  Sir Biglow and I call at Mr. Andrews: where where [sic] some Number of people still — with Mr. Cleveland, who I suppose has preached and baptized.  See the Paper aforesaid.  Messrs. Moore, Cushing and Biglow lodge here.