September 1, 1765

1765 September 1 (Sunday).  I am So much taken up in my preparations for the p.m. Exercise that I am but Slenderly prepared for the a.m. but took with me a Set of Discourses on the 4th v. of the Chapt.  But when I was engaged (it being Isaiah 1st) I found so much to say without the help of any former Composure, that I could not break off, under an Hour — though I had but few and broken Hints, which were the prophets in general and on this prophet — and nothing writ on the Chapter however I opened etc.  Mrs. Maynard and little Gott dined with us.  P.M. Read Luk. 6 to v. 26.  I preached (as by reason of what lately occurred in Boston, I thought my Self in Duty bound) on 1 Pet. 2.13 — which I beg of God to bless to us — as we do exceedingly need Instructions of this kind.  At Eve read Mr. Bolton, in the 6th and 7th Chap. of the Part before mentioned.