October 1, 1765

1765 October 1 (Tuesday).  Another Letter from Mr. Quincy this Morning.  The Company leave us.  Thomas and John gather Apples and dig about 11 Bushel of Potatoes.  Mr. Gardner of Stow and Squire Whitman call and dine with us.  P.M. preached at Lt. Bakers on Joh. 15.9.10.  Entertainment after meeting very handsome and plentifull.  Many persons tarryed.  N.B. talked with Mr. Joseph Rice’s Wife.  Billy returned from Medfield.

October 2, 1765

1765 October 2 (Wednesday).  Thomas works for me in working for Mr. Nurse — that is, he makes Cyder down at Mr. Gale’s.  Billy colouring the East End of the House.  I rode to Capt. Benjamin Fays.  I Called to see Mrs. Wheelock.  Am reading Some of Dr. Swifts Writings.  His Wit was unbounded — as Lord Orrery says of a part of his works, [“]he was without a parallell;  I hope they will ever remain So.”

October 3, 1765

1765 October 3 (Thursday).  Billy Painting.  Thomas mows Bushes a.m.  Works for Mr. Nurse p.m.  My Wife’s Kinswoman, Mrs. Wit, here with her sister Miss Betty.  They dine here.  I Read again Some of the Luxuriences of Dean Swift — which need a great Deal of retrenching but if that office was performed, it might destroy perhaps his main Design.  He appears the great Master of Irony, Sarcasm and Allegory.  But I wish we might have the Instruction and Entertainment without so great Expence of Decency.  Received a Letter from my son Forbes, of the 27th ult., which Shews him very mournful and sunk in his Spirits by reason of Contests among some of his people.  O the instability of human affections and Volubility of popular Applause!  May God Support, direct, and Still improve and bless, him, and his Labours!  I hope Light will arise in Darkness; and that he may yet prove, as I believe he has been, very useful to the People!  At Eve I sent by Mr. Tainter to Boston for Linseed Oyl etc.  Mr. Bowman called here in his Way home.  Master Cushing after school here, and drank Tea: brought his Relation: supped and lodged here.  But memorandum: Mrs. Andrews.  She wants her Child to be baptized; but in order to it, wants I Should own my having abus’d and injured her etc.  See our Conversation in a Paper by it self which I wrote before I went to Bed.   O that God would please rightly to affect me with this holy Dispensation!  The Lord convince of what has been Evil! and Pardon it!  Grant me Grace to improve under this holy Frown!  Pity me and support me under it, and in His own Time deliver me out of it!  And May the Lord Pity this Woman and Shew her Errors, pardon and recover her for His Name’s Sake!

October 6, 1765

1765 October 6 (Sunday).  Read immediately before Sermon Isa. 5.1-7.  P.M. read Luk. 8 to 36 and repeated with Alterations and Additions Exposition of Mat. 8.28.  Master Cushing, Cousen Barrett and Mr. William Manning dined here.  Master Cushing was admitted into the Church.  Read Westminster Letter, which was complyed with.  See Church Records.  In the Eve read Mr. Bolton.  N.B. Mr. Mannings Account of Sad Theft at Coll. [blank] Bowman, son of Mr. Noah Bowman, charged with it.

October 8, 1765

1765 October 8 (Tuesday).  Billy returns to Townshend.  Mrs. Ranger and Polly take little Thomme Parkman with them to Brookfield.  A Team of twenty oxen are breaking up my Field nigh Mr. Nurse’s.  Mr. Tainter undertook.  Capt. Wood, Mr. Martin Pratt and Cornelius Biglow junior help — and with them my Thomas Arnold.  They break the Plow and break off 4 Hours, while Biglow who owns the plow goes over to Gashitts to get the Share mended.  Mr. Williams comes here to talk with me about his wife and Hannah Gold, and complains of my abetting them.  Mrs. Beeman dined here — and talks with me about her leaving her son Bruce’s etc. etc.  My wife to Capt. Maynards.  I read Dr. Chauncy on Justification.  My Son John sick and takes Physic of Dr. Hawes.

October 11, 1765

1765 October 11 (Friday).  Mr. Hastings comes to build me a Stone Chimney in my Study.  It proves unhappy to my Studys — for my Neighbours came to cutt up and gather and Husk out my Corn.  Thomas taken off from tending the mason.  Deacon Tainter and others cutt up; his son with a Team and Capt. Wood with his Team also, bring in the Corn.  A considerable Crop — thanks to God!  Many come to husk.  They husk it out.  47 at supper besides my own.  Sing part of Ps. 65.  N.B. Mr. Jonas Warrin here again to Speak about a singing Lecture.  I told him of my Engagements and that ‘twas unlikely I could attend upon it, at the Time appointed therefor.  Too many avocations and Interruptions.

October 13, 1765

1765 October 13 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 5.8-17 and preached upon 8 to 12th.  Master C. and Miss Betty dined here.  P.M. Read Luk. 8 from v. 37, to the End.  Used one of the Sermons on 1 K. 18.12, last Clause, to young people, accommodating it to the present Time, it having been almost 30 years since I delivered those sermons before.  At Eve read in Mr. Bolton from p. 456 to 468.

October 14, 1765

1765 October 14 (Monday).  Deacon Tainter comes to help in sorting the Corn, and dines here.  Thomas carrys the Corn to the Barn.  Sheep troublesome for several Days to my Neighbours.  Mrs. Wheelock very bad.  Has a bad sore.  Visited and prayed with her; but she says very little.  Master Cushing here, changes his Horse for mine, for this Journey before me: and he has my Mare for a Chaise to go to Southborough.  My Son Baldwin came and lodges here.  Sent his Horse to Neighbour Zebulun Rice’s.

October 15, 1765

1765 October 15 (Tuesday).  Brother Daniel Hardy and Brother Zebulun Rice came and accompany me as Delegates to Westminster.  My Son Baldwin with us.  We call at Mr. Martyns, who and Mr. Fessenden with his Delegate Caruth, join us, as does Deacon Livermore at Mr. Morse’s: where part of us dine — the Delegates at Mr. Bush’s.  P.M. set out and at Eve arrive at Capt. Hoars at Westminster.  N.B. We called at Mr. Marsh’s Door, but did not light.  Lodged at Capt. Hoars.

October 16, 1765

1765 October 16 (Wednesday).  The Council was formed.  I was chose Moderator and Mr. Morse, at my Motion, Scribe — He being in situation, somewhat Nigh, compared with some others, and well acquainted with their Affairs.  Mr. Marsh came with a Remonstrance and Complaint against the Church, which we considered, and easily got over.  Mr. Rice read a Confession of Faith (besides Mr. Fish’s Testimony of his Examination and Approbation before the Association).  The Church voted to proceed.  Mr. Marsh came no more.  Twas told Me Mr. Reuben Miles voted to proceed.  In the public assembly Mr. Davis prayed.  Mr. Forbes preached on 1 Cor. 2.2.  After Sermon I addressed the Audience, and the Church in Special, who renewed their Call — Mr. Rice his Acceptance and read his Confession of Faith.  I prayed and gave the Charge.  Mr. Morse prayed after the Charge.  Mr. Martyn gave the Right Hand.  Mr. Rice appointed the 68 Ps. 17 and onward and gave the Blessing.  Entertainment at Capt. Hoars, where I lodged again.

October 18, 1765

1765 October 18 (Friday).  Mr. Michael Martyn lends me The Scotch Scourge Vol. 1.  I return home.  All Well.  D.G.  N.B. Met my Cousen Loyd going to Brookfield, with her husband.  They had lodged at Andrews’s last Night and broke fast at our House.  Thomas Arnold has fenced off the Wheat, cut and carted Wood etc.  His Father dined with us.

October 20, 1765

1765 October 20 (Sunday).  Read Isa. 5.13 to the End.  Preached on Joh. 6.35, first part.  Administered the Lords Supper.  Master Cushing and Mrs. Maynard dined here.  P.M. read Luk. 9 to 36.  Delivered another of the sermons to Youth, from 1 K. 18.12.  Went to See Mr. Moses Warrin who was prayed for as Sick of a Fever, but he was Dead and layd out before I got there.

October 21, 1765

1765 October 21 (Monday).  A Meeting of the Town to give Instructions to the Representative.  Deacon Bond, Messrs. Whitney, Daniel Forb., Lieut. John Martyn and Mr. Gale were a Committee to draw up what they would say to him.  They Sat in one of my Rooms to do it.  Mr. John Marrett was here.  I paid him 12£ old Tenor being Interest for an 100£ old Tenor for two Years — The Delay So long was much owing to his own Orders about it.  Thomas Arnold left us — goes to work for Mrs. Johnson.  I went to see Mr. Belknap: called to see Mr. Temple.  In the Eve Mr. Gale settled with me and paid me all.  I gave him a Receipt.

October 22, 1765

1765 October 22 (Tuesday).  I rode to the House of Mourning — to the Funeral of Mr. Moses Warrin.  After Prayer there, went to Ministers Meeting at Hopkinton — and dined there.  Few Ministers came.  Only Mr. Stone and Mr. Smith of the Association.  Mr. Fish came, to promote the Examination of Mr. James Parker.  See Minutes of Association.  N.B. Mr. William Price, son of the late Rev. Mr. Roger Price, lives at Mr. Barretts.  He lodges with me there.

October 25, 1765

1765 October 25 (Friday).  Mr. Zeb. Rice came and [blank].  Capt. Woods kills a sheep for me.  Mrs. Wheelock sent for me.  Went but she could not converse.  I prayed with her once more.  P.M. Visit old Capt. Forbush: and Lt. Thomas.  Consult him about a proposed singing Meeting mentioned by his son Warrin; and left the matter with him.  Mr. Loyd and his wife return from Brookfield and lodge here.

October 26, 1765

1765 October 26 (Saturday).  Mr. Loyd and his Wife leave us.  Mrs. Wheelock dyed last Evening.  Messrs. Steward and More here after Dinner but dined here.  As soon as they rose came two more, viz. Deacons Hall and Paddock of Yarmouth (who came to accompany Young Mr. Stone at his Marriage to Miss Molly Cushing) and they also dined here.  Master John Cushing here on his Journey to the Cape.  I wrote by him to Mr. Hawley — who returned from Onohoquage by Lebanon.  Joseph Warrin came from Billy at Townshend, and brings a Cow for me to keep.  John brought a Barrell of Cyder, Bag of Apples, another of Turnips and Two good Cabbage Heads from my Neighbour Hezekiah Pratt.  At Eve came Mr. James Parker and lodged here.