January 15, 1765

1765 January 15 (Tuesday).  I rode with Mr. Putnam as far as Capt. Maynards, to get Money to send to Brookfield but obtain only 16£ old Tenor for Interest, which I deliver to Mr. Putnam for Mr. Forbes, and took his Receipt.  Visit at Mr. Parkers and Bathericks.  P.M. Mr. Beeton here, and intimates he does not expect me to cut Timber or carry off Hay from my old place.  He offers his Acre at 42£ 10. old Tenor and must have speedy Answer or he will give a Deed of it to Mr. Andrews, who he says urges to buy it, and to give him 50£ O.T. for it.  Mr. William Brown of Framingham, calls here in his Return home.  Mr. John Wood here at Eve, and was examined.