December 2, 1764

1764 December 2 (Sunday).  Preached at Southborough on Gal. 1.15.16.  Might I have Experience of what I deliver!  Returned home at Eve.  Mr. Stone preached on Phil. 4.3, last Clause, and Luke 12.20.  N.B. As I met him he brought me what my wife had prepared for me, Supposing me inclined to have gone from Southborough to Boston.  But I chose to go home, not being sufficiently furnished for that Journey.

December 3, 1764

1764 December 3 (Monday).  N.B. Capt. Maynard had come on Saturday and brought me 3 Johannes only.  So that I remained still perplexed for want of money for my Brother Samuel and other Occasions.  Mr. Smith of Marlborough was so very kind as to visit me and dined here: but returned at Evening.  Mr. Daniel Hardy, having been with me heretofore to desire me to preach at his House, was here again this Eve, for the Same Purpose.  Neighbour Prat was so kind as to send me a Load of Wood, and brought a Spare Rib and a Piece of Pork.  Samuel Brigham comes to board here and go to school.

December 4, 1764

1764 December 4 (Tuesday).  My Wife rode with me to the Private Meeting at Mr. Daniel Hardy’s.  I preached on Eccl. 8.11.  And yet there have been many persons killed of late by the Hand of divine Providence.  Mrs. Maynard here at Eve but said Nothing to her of Captains Neglect to pay me or the Difficultys I am brought into by means of it.

December 5, 1764

1764 December 5 (Wednesday).  Visit Joseph Joslin who lies in a low Condition at Mr. Daniel Warrin’s.  Prayed with him and a Number besides who attended.  From thence I went to Mr. Haskill’s.  They were at Dinner.  In compliance with their sollicitations I eat somewhat and drank with them.  But dined at home.  Mrs. Lock and Some others assisting Sarah in quilting, dine here.  Miss Hephzibah Maynard came, and tarrys for that purpose.  Lodges here.  Mrs. Rolf moves away to Grafton.  N.B. Mr. Zebulon Rice the Evening.  The Conversation much about Mrs. Andrews.

December 6, 1764

1764 December 6 (Thursday).  Capt. Wood kills an Hog for me.  Nathan Kenny helps him.  At Eve Deacon Tainter kindly came and cutt and salted it for me.  Weighed 171 lbs.  Mr. Fessenden came from Gloucester and he, and Dr. Rice having dined here, he left us again to return there.  Capt. Wood here and Supped with us.  N.B. More concerning Mr. and Mrs. Andrews Conduct.  May the [Lord] Himself grant me Wisdom and Patience under all my Tryals!  But it amazes me that such a Number of the Brethren of this Church are disquieted with me, and will not be convinced of the Disorders and Irregularitys of the Chebacco Separates, nor of the ungrateful Behavior, the very unchristian and abusive Conduct of these Persons.  The society of young men came at Night and asked me to preach to them.  I consented to do it as Soon as I could but know not which week to pitch upon as yet.  N.B. Mr. Joseph Green here and pays me £ old Tenor, which he says is all So I finished with him.

December 7, 1764

1764 December 7 (Friday).  Miss Hephzibah Maynard here still.  John Went to Mill and Paid Mr. Allen 18/ for a pair of his large Fowls.  P.M. Came Mrs. Martha Wood with Desire to Joyn with the Church and was Examined.  At Eve her Husband (Neighbour John Wood) came, but was not Examined at this Time, by Reason of it being too late.  When it was late came also Mr. Bowman — who invites Mrs. P________ and me to accompany him and Mrs. Bowman to Oxford the week after next.  Breck came and carryed away home Miss Hephzibah Maynard.

December 9, 1764

1764 December 9 (Sunday).  Mr. Rice came to us this Morning.  I read Prov. 26, Mark 1 to v. 23.  Mr. Rice preached for me.  His Text 2 Cor. 6.2 a. and p.m.  He prayed before each sermon.  Mr. Cushing dines here.  Both drink Tea, sup and lodge here.  N.B. I read Mr. Bolton on right Comf. distressed Consciences, for the Evening Family Exercises from page 79 to 100.

December 13, 1764

1764 December 13 (Thursday).  A very Cold Morning but left Mr. Martyn, having delivered him 2 Dollars from Mr. McAllister for Lime.  Went to Mr. Michaels shop and bought of him 6 lbs. of Cotton @ 18/ old tenor per pound.  Called at several Houses of my own Parish.  Dined at Capt. Maynards but without him, he being sick o’ Bed.  I got home safely though my Mare had two unhappy Falls, which made me dismount.  One Yesterday, the other to Day: but, through divine Goodness, without any Hurt.  Mr. J. Wood Examined.

December 16, 1764

1764 December 16 (Sunday).  Omit Reading a.m. by Reason of the Season and my having a long Exercise which I can neither divide nor Shorten.  It was upon Mat. XVI.22.23.  Dr. Rice and Master Cushing dined here.  P.M. read Mark 1 from v. 23 to the End.  Preached on Mat. XVI, chiefly v. 27, having handled verses 24, 25, 26 heretofore.  At Eve read in Mr. R. Bolton from page 100 to 121.  Billy is taken ill, and goes to bed with an ague.  And Mrs. P________ not able to go to Sleep or lie in Bed by reason of her Smarting Legg.

December 17, 1764

1764 December 17 (Monday).  Billy rides so well (through divine Goodness) as to go to his Work at Capt. Maynards.  Mr. Abraham Bond thrashes Rye.  I rode to Mr. Grows, he being very ill, and I visited Ensign Miller.  N.B. I dined at Mr. Joseph Harrington’s, where Master Cushing diets.  N.B. Gave an Order to Lt. Baker upon Capt. Maynard for an 100£ old Tenor to be paid to Mr. Bowman for Mr. Forbes.  But Lt. Baker agreed that it Should be dated as if paid December 1.

December 18, 1764

1764 December 18 (Tuesday).  Mr. Adonijah Rice winnows Oats — but chiefly Rye — 11 1/2 Bushels of Rye.  I preached a Lecture to Young men, from Mat. 22.37.38.  After Lecture Mr. Asaph Rice and Master Cushing here with Mr. Bowman.  There also came Mr. Jonathan Moore, Mr. [blank] Town and Dr. Throop from Oxford.  They Sung and Supped (as well as the first 3 and Mrs. Maynard and Mr. Caryl, drank Tea here).  Mr. Moore and Dr. Throop lodged here.

December 19, 1764

1764 December 19 (Wednesday).  Lt. Baker sent a Sleigh for me with those Gentlemen above named, to go up to their House to Breakfast and I take Leave of Mr. and Mrs. Bowman, who, waited upon by two Deacons, and expecting others, from Oxford; attended also by Mr. Asaph Rice, Master Cushing, my son William, Daughter Sarah, and sundry Relations [blank], remove home.  Deacon Tainter brings me home in his Sleigh and dines with me.  Lydia David came.

December 23, 1764

1764 December 23 (Sunday).  Read Prov. 27 and preached on v. 1, the rather because it was the shortest sabbath of the Year.  Mr. Cushing dines here.  P.M. read Mark 2.  Preached on Mat. XVI.28.  At Eve, after Repetition and other Exercises, read Mr. Bolton from p. 121 to 134.  Much of Serious Concern upon my [suts?], for my self and others — fervently crying to God for His almighty Influences — O for a Blessing!

December 24, 1764

1764 December 24 (Monday).  On Capt. Woods Horse rode to see Mr. Grow.  Conversed and Prayed with him.  He is in much Distress of Body and Mind.  Read to him some parts of Zions Traveller.  N.B. I dined at Mr. Seth Morse’s.  Called at Ensign [marginal notation: Lieutenant] Harringtons and Mr. Daniel Forb.  In my return home at Eve, found that Mr. Jonathan Moore had brought home Sarah; and here were Master Cushing and Dr. James Hawes, who has lately come to live near us.  All of them Supped here, and the two first lodged here.

December 26, 1764

1764 December 26 (Wednesday).  Though it is a great snow storm, we have but little Wood.  Neighbour Lock is so very kind as to come and see how we are, and helps John in getting Wood out of the Snow, into the House.  At Mr. Stones desire by his Son of Yarmouth (who was here lately while I was from home) I look over his Notes of his late Ordination Sermon.

December 27, 1764

1764 December 27 (Thursday).  Capt. Fay came most seasonably and brought wood — and came again kindly and brought another Load.  Capt. Wood also broke a way and came with wood.  Mr. Jonathan Grout brings a fourth Load to Day.  So great is Gods Goodness to us.  Mr. Lock came kindly to help about the Creatures watering.  P.M. came young Mr. Stone from Shrewsbury and dines here.  I delivered him his Father’s sermon.  At Eve Mr. Morse brings my Watch, cleaned by Mr. Brown, from Boston.

December 30, 1764

1764 December 30 (Sunday).  A very Cold, windy Day, the Snow blown about very much.  A tedious Time.  John Maynard carrys me, Sarah, Sophy etc. to Meeting a. and p.m.  Omitted Public Reading.  Preached on Mat.  17.1-4 a. and p.m.  Master Cushing and John Maynard and Brigham dined here.  William and Breck ride in the Sleigh with John Maynard to Captains.  Master Cushing returns and lodges here.

December 31, 1764

1764 December 31 (Monday).  Master stays and dines, but p.m. attempts to go home on the Racket Tracks — for to Day the Corps of Mr. Grow was brought on an Handsled, to the Meeting House, the Attendants coming upon Rackets.  I prayed in the Meeting House.  Afterwards Squire Whipple read the Deceaseds Will.  The Roads are so blocked up, that a Man travelling the Road, as he attempted to pass by my House, his Horse wallowed in the snow and threw him off.  He tryed on foot and led his Horse; but found it so difficult that he turned back.  It was observed to Day, that it was Scarcely known by any, even the oldest men, that the Roads etc. were so blocked up, so early in the Winter as this.  But God is gracious and Merciful and will faithfully take Care of us.  Thus Ends this Year.  The Lord grant I may most Seriously consider it!  And O that when my Life Shall end, I may be enabled to resign chearfully to Him that gave it Me!  And may Rejoice for ever before Him in the Life that Shall never know a Period!  Through Jesus Christ my Lord.  Amen.