January 3, 1765

1765 January 3 (Thursday).  Mr. Batherick and Mr. Ebenezer Forb. came, and Neighbour Lock assisting, killed two Hoggs for me.  One weighed 11 score and about 6 lbs.; the other 10 Score and about 4 lbs.  They dined with us, and Neighbour Lock kindly came at Eve and cutt up and salted.  N.B. a Number of Neighbours went with Teams to Mr. Daniel and Timothy Warrins, who gave Wood, and brought me 5 Load.  They were Capt. Wood and his son with a Team, Mr. Timothy Warrin, Lt. Joseph Baker, Ezra Baker, Barnabas Newton, each with a Team.  With Lt. Baker came also Silas Hill.  Besides these, Neighbour Zebulun Rice and his son Adam, and Moses Wheelock, went to chop.  A Great Kindness at this Time!  The Lord graciously reward ‘em for it.  We had not time to get ‘em an hot meal; but treated ‘em with what we could set before them.