June 25, 1764

1764 June 25 (Monday).  Visit Mrs. Hills and pray with her.  Lydia David works here.  P.M. Capt. Maynard and I finished our Affair.  My wife and I signed the Deed of my old place to him, and he Signed Six Notes of Hand to me, of three hundred thirty three pounds, six shillings and Eight pence Lawful money; Including First, £13.6.8, the price of the Meadow, which he gives me Deed of: Secondly, he is to give me up my Note of Hand to his wife of 6£ 13.4, so that the first Note is of 40£ to be paid Sept. 1 next; this is the first payment — the Second Note is of £60, to be paid Apr. 2, 1765.  The third of 60£ Apr. 2, 1766 with Interest for one Year.  The Fourth for 60£ to be paid Apr. 2, 1767, with Interest for two Years, the fifth of 60£ to be paid 1768 with Interest for three Years.  The Sixth for £33.6.8 to be paid Apr. 2, 1769, with Interest for four Years.  A memorandum was also signed by us and witnessed, that the respective partys agreed that the writings Should bear Date from Apr. 2 last.  Samuel Taylor and Silas Hill were witnesses.  Mr. Beeton was present; and I told both Capt. Maynard and Mr. Beeton that I should reserve a certain large pine in the Hill and Timber for a Corn Barn.  Thus have I disposed of my Place and House; and may God forgive what is amiss [torn] but all may be to the divine Glory!  May I have Right to an inheritance incorruptible etc. and a Building of God an House not made with Hands, Eternal in the Heavens!