June 15, 1764

1764 June 15 (Friday).  In the Morning I visited Mrs. Hills.  I Spake with much plainness to her, for She seems to be too insensible.  Prayed with her.  Was deeply concerned about the Circumstances of my Neighbour Nurse.  He is absent; but his mother acquaints me with the writ served upon him for a large Sum of Money by Mr. Wilkes of [Middleton?], by which She and the rest are in great affliction.  My wife went to Mr. Mich. Martyns Shop.

June 18, 1764

1764 June 18 (Monday).  Visited at Capt. Jonathan Fays, two of his Children being sick — prayed there.  Thence to Mr. Phinehas Hardys, his wife languishing — prayed there — drank Tea there also.  Mr. Hicks desired me to go in and see his wife, which I did.  Mr. Hutchinson from Concord came in — I asked him to pray, which he did.  Mr. Art. Bruce and Richard Barns junior hoed with John — had Mr. Nurse’s Horse.