June 21, 1764

1764 June 21 (Thursday).  Capt. Maynard came and told me that by reason of Bruce’s settness and stiffness against Beeton he was wholly unable to go on with his Bargain with him; and was likely to miss of the Benefit of his Money.  Captain came to complete our Business.  My Part was in Readiness; but he wants I Should trie to perswade Bruce to condescend to let Beeton at least set up his shop at the Corner of the Garden — he was also in great Haste so that we once more defer — viz. till next Monday.  Mr. Beeton here.  I ask the Reason why he was not willing to buy the Place of me as well [torn] Capt. Maynard?  He answers that he heard that I did not want to Sell my Place to him.  I told him it was true, and that I did not want to Sell it to any but such as had like Taste for what I had done there, as I had etc. etc.  Mr. Bruce came to desire me to renew our Agreement, which I did — by signing and Sealing as before.  Beeton and Bruce upon the Affair of Beetons living in the House this Summer and the Winter ensuing.  Coll. Buckminster and his Lady here and dined with us.  They returned to Framingham.