April 14, 1760

1760 April 14 (Monday).  In the morning I made a visit to Mr. Ebenezer Rice, and endeavored to compose every Disquietment and lay aside all Resentments.  Mr. Parker there ploughing.  Visited at Neighbour Pratts and made a late Breakfast there.  Mr. Francis Whipple came to me and Master Fessenden with him to ask me for my late sons Shop to keep School in; and that he might board at our House.  Mr. Whipple tells me plainly that the Town will not give any more than 30/ old Tenor per week and that it is not probable it will be paid till next March.  Mr. Fessenden accordingly has Lodging here.  My Daughter Sarah had her School there a.m.  Mr. Fessenden having dined here, kept p.m.  P.M. I visited old Mr. Bradish and at his Desire, prayed with him.  At Eve Master and I made a visit to sorrowful Neighbour Williams and his Daughter in Law.  At their Request prayed with them.  N.B. Mr. Ebenezer Williams brought me 32 Posts which Mr. Ebenezer Rice got for me last Year at the Ministerial Lot and 10 or 11 New ones got out by Amasa Maynard.  And Mr. Nathan Maynard brought 27 Posts which Silas Frost got out this Year.