April 2, 1760

1760 April 2 (Wednesday).  In the Morning visited Mr. Williams again.  He grows worse.  I prayed with him.  Dr. Crosby there.  He blooded him yesterday — took another Pint this morning.  Thinks his Case extremely hazzardous.  I am deeply concerned for him — he is partly delirious.  May God most gracious extend Mercy and Compassion!  Last Night was twelve Months his only sister, Mrs. Dorothy Maynard dyed.  P.M. Mrs. Parminter, heretofore Bethiah Tyler, was here, in her Way to her Brother Tinneys.  She Seems a Miracle of Gods power and Goodness.  Master Fessenden and Cousen Maynard drink Tea here.  Mr. Stone sends a Line to desire me to change next sabbath, but I am pre-engaged to Mr. Martyn.