March 2, 1760

1760 March 2 (Sunday).  Read Job 11, Rom. 13.  Text a. and p.m. Isa. 55.1, latter part.  Ensign Benjamin Willard of Grafton, Mrs. Miles of Shrewsbury and old Mrs. Dunlop, dined here.  And Ensign Willard came here after Meetings — would have shown me Some Letters he had writ to Somebody of our Church who had offended him, but I declined Seeing them.  In the Evening read in Morning Exercise Vol. 1.

March 3, 1760

1760 March 3 (Monday).  Mr. David Maynard killed a Pig for me — weighed about an 100.  He dined with me.  P.M. I prayed with the Town at their Meeting.  N.B. At Eve I bought 208 Posts, the getting, of Samuel Fay tertius and Amasa Maynard — was forced to give £3.10.0 old Tenor by reason that Mr. John Martyn junior had offered £3.15.0.  Collector Maynard delivered me 8 Dollars.  N.B. Paid Mr. Francis Whitmore £6.5.0 Old Tenor for 20 lb. Flax.

March 5, 1760

1760 March 5 (Wednesday).  Having received a Letter from Squire Pain, Probate Register, inclosing a Bond for me and Bondsmen to sign; I went up to Capt. Wood, and Squire Baker to Consult about it.  While I was there Capt. Nathaniel Dwight of Cold Spring came here; and being Sent for by him I returned home.  He urges my going to the Council to be there next Week — but I give him little or no Encouragement.  At Eve Several of the Committee of the Precinct meet here to agree and Settle Accounts with me.  But the rest not Coming nor the Treasurer Mr. Timothy Warrin; nothing was done.

March 6, 1760

1760 March 6 (Thursday).  I walked over to t’other House.  Began to admonish Mrs. Rice for her Intemperance — but she was presently in an Huff and left Me.  Her Husband confirmed the Fact — and was afraid She would not take Reproof as She ought to.  I rode down to Southborough.  Dined at Mr. Stones.  N.B. Southborough people in yet hotter Contests.  The Disaffected increase by reason of Militia-Affairs going on Contrary to some who expected Commissions.  They will have a Council.  Poor Mr. Stone much to be pityed.  May God Himself direct and support him and his!  Hear a good Character of Mr. Hananiah Parker.  Visit Mrs. Gourdeau.  She Shews me a Number of Letters and other writings which she had by her, from Quebec and Louisbourg.  I receive of her my French New Testament but don’t discern it has made any impression on her.  N.B. In returning, had Some Discourse with Lt. Brigham about their Contention — but ‘twas Vain.  Capt. Wood winnowed 7 1/2 Bushels of Rye for me.

March 7, 1760

1760 March 7 (Friday).  Adjournment of Town Meeting, to finish choosing Officers.  My wife to t’other House, and to see Mrs. Maynard.  The Committee of the Precinct had appointed to meet again in order to settle with me, but some failed and the rest were unprepared — so did nothing.  Am informed that Mr. William Williams of Weston dyed the Night before last.  May God sanctify it to all; to the Family especially.  May Ministers in a peculiar Manner make a right improvement of it!  O that I might my Self!

March 9, 1760

1760 March 9 (Sunday).  Read Job 12, Rom. 14.  Preached a.m. on Isa. 55.2.  P.M. although I had made some further preparations on the same Subject, yet by reason of the many Affairs of the last week I did not finish; but not being able conveniently to change, and the Election of Civil Officers having been in the Week past and Still being before the minds of the people, I Repeated a sermon on 2 Sam. 23.3 — “ruling in the Fear of God,” from p. 24 to 28.  And Some parts (by way of application) of Sermon on Tit. 3.1, page 41, 42.  Miss Betty Johnson dined here, as did Joseph Willard, son of Ensign Benjamin Willard, who has Sent me a Letter, dated to Day, by this son.

March 10, 1760

1760 March 10 (Monday).  By the Help of a Number of Neighbours hois[t]ed up my great Book Press into the West Chamber Window.  P.M. prayed with the Precinct at their Meeting.  N.B. Capt. Fay and Deacon Bond Singned [sic] with me my Bond to Judge Chandler, the Judge of Probates.  Mr. Joseph Bruce and Mr. Moses Warrin were witnesses.  Reckoned with Deacon Bond and gave him a Note to Mr. Ebenezer Maynard — 20/6 Old Tenor less than his due.

March 11, 1760

1760 March 11 (Tuesday).  My Wife and I rode in my Sleigh to see Deacon Tainter who, tis to be hoped, is in an healing Way.  Dr. Crosby and Dr. Ball were there, and we saw both Leggs Dressed.  N.B. We had Mr. Tainters Mare, and he put mine into his Team.  We dined there.  And through the Goodness of God we returned at Evening in Safety.

March 12, 1760

1760 March 12 (Wednesday).  I rode up to Mr. Samuel Hardy’s and delivered his Son Thomas Hardy of Brookfield 10 Dollars to be delivered by him to my Son Ebenezer — and I received Said Thomas’s Receipt for the Same.  P.M. preach’d my Lecture (had ask’d no body).  Text 1 Cor. 15.25, repeating to the End of page 104.  May God of his infinite Mercy and Goodness add His special Blessing!  I thank God I was Somewhat mov’d; and my spirits impressed with those weighty Truths.  Am astonished I am no more.  O that God would [be] pleased to awaken me effectually — and all Others about me!  O that we might have a true Sense of our horrible Enmity, and Rebellion against Him, and exposedness to His dreadful Wrath!  And that by His mighty Power we might be Subdued and made to Submitt to Him intirely and for ever!  Master Fessenden waits upon Cousen Maynard and her Child here, after Lecture.  She tells me Mr. Williams of Weston was buryed yesterday.

March 13, 1760

1760 March 13 (Thursday).  Cousen Daniel Needham came to See us.  Has the Skin of a Catamount with him, which is a Sight.  In the night Mr. Daniel Forbush came to the Door.  He calls to bear a message from Mr. Hananiah Parker, that he will come Speedily to See me again about taking my Place.  N.B. Mr. Forb.’s Discourse concerning the Power of Pastors and Brethren in Ecclesiastical Councils.  N.B. he seemed Surprized at that Paragraph, Ch.10, S. 11 of the Platform “From the premises.  So [no?] Church-Act can be consummated or perfected without the Consent of Both.”

March 14, 1760

1760 March 14 (Friday).  My Kinsman Needham after Dinner pursues his Journey towards Boston.  P.M. Maran Gourdeau, and his Brother Isaac with Victor Richard, another Neutral, here.  Capt. Woods Mother and Miss Suse Newton make my Wife a Visit.  One interruption after another prevents my close Application to my Preparations.  Nigh ten at Night came Messrs. Belknap and Chamberlin (not thinking it so late) to make me a Visit.  They inform that Mr. Hill is come to live in Capt. Storers House that was Mr. Ebenezer Rice’s.

March 15, 1760

1760 March 15 (Saturday).  Mr. John Holland of North Sutton here at Breakfast with us.  Tells me he is come from Cambridge, from Mr. Trowbridge the Kings Attorney, on Account of the great Tumults at the Meeting-House in North Sutton last Lords Day.  N.B. He says Squire Goddard was got in to the same House just before him.  Mr. Trowbridge advises ‘em to a mutual Council, and nominates one for ‘em.  N.B. Mr. Holland leaves Me the Result of the late Council.

March 16, 1760

1760 March 16 (Sunday).  Read Job 13, Rom. 15.  Preached a.m. on 1 Cor. 11.24.  P.M. on Isa. 55.2.  Administered the Lord’s supper.  In Deacon Tainters absence I spoke to Brother Francis Whipple to wait at the Lord’s Table.  There dined with us Old Mrs. Rice (Capt. Woods mother), old Mrs. Tainter and Cousen Maynard.  May God bless the Endeavors of this Day!  I thank God for that measure of awakening which I felt — and for the lively sense of Death and Eternity in the Evening.

March 18, 1760

1760 March 18 (Tuesday).  Lt. Jesse Brigham comes to inform me of the Death of Capt. Samuel Wood, of the North side, and that he is to be buryed next Thursday (by divine Leave), And it is the widow that sends this Message to me.  I walked over to t’other House to acquaint Mr. Rice with my Agreement with Mr. Parker, and that he must come into the House in a fortnight.  I walked round, and came home by Capt. Rolfs, who is still confined by his Disorders, and now especially by a bad sore, bred a little below his right Knee.

March 19, 1760

1760 March 19 (Wednesday).  I rode up to Worcester to get a Letter of Administration from Judge Chandler.  Met him on the Road.  He tells me the News of the Dammage done to the Train of Artillery at Boston by Fire yesterday.  He directs me to Mr. Pain, and tells me I need not at all concern myself about the [Contents?] of my Bond, the taking an Inventory etc.  All was a mere [blot] or Formality etc.  N.B. Mr. Cushing was present by his Chair and heard him.  He added, I don’t desire any more of it while I live.  I went to Worcester — gave my Bond to Mr. Pain the Register, and he gave me the Letter of Administration for which I paid him 7/ Lawfull Money.  I went in to see his Mother while he prepared for me.  I rode to Mr. Maccartys, but neither he nor his wife at home.  As I returned I called at Mr. Nathaniel Adams’s, and at Mr. Cushings.  The Latter bears a Message to me from Deacon Miles who has been at my House to request me to visit his Brother Joseph: Mrs. Miles being greatly distressed about her Husband; and wanted I should go and tarry over the Night with them.  I went — and lodged there — the poor Man being in a very low Condition and greatly distressed, especially about his Eternal state and Condition.

March 20, 1760

1760 March 20 (Thursday).  Broke fast at Deacon Miles’s (after conversing and Praying with his Brother).  Mrs. Miles went over with me to the Deacon’s — and tells me she has reason to suspect her Husband is possessed by the Devil.  In my way home Visited Sarah Green who has strangely fallen into a salivation, and it is now the 22nd Day of its working.  Prayed with them, and made haste home to have my Wife go with me to Capt. Woods Funeral.  We dined at Mr. Jonathan Bruce’s — with Old Mrs. Beeman at Table with us.  At the House of Mourning Mr. Martyn prayed.  May God please to assist us in improving this sorrowful Providence!  N.B. The news reaches us of a great Fire in Boston this Morning at 3 o’Clock.  My Wife and I went to Mr. Martyns from the Burying place.  Mr. Fessenden there also.  Called at Capt. Maynards.  Mr. Daniel Forbush in the Night calls and confirms the sad Tidings of the Fire.  May God Sanctify it to the sufferers and all round about!  Fires have broke out there three Nights running.  I wish it mayn’t be by some evil Instrumentality.

March 21, 1760

1760 March 21 (Friday).  Further Accounts Still of the dreadful Conflagration in the Dear Place of my Birth.  Blessed be the Lord who preserves Me and my Houses!  Whilst I earnestly pray for the divine Compassion to the Destitute and Distressed!  O what a Changing World this is!  The Lord prepare me and mine for what He designs next!

March 22, 1760

1760 March 22 (Saturday).  A.M. Capt. Wood sent for me to go up and See him; he having unhappily broke his Leg.  He fell off from a Load of Wood, and was cast down under the Cart Wheel which went over his Leg; and he was wonderfully preserved from its going over his Body.  I went up to See him — but returned home to Dinner.  But (agreeable to my Engagement to him) when Mrs. Parker came, to Set the Bones, I went back to him again.  We prayed previous to the Operation.  Dr. Crosby there.  It was late in the afternoon before I could leave him.  N.B. Smoke rises in the East, and Some people fear there is Still destructive Fires in Boston.

March 25, 1760

1760 March 25 (Tuesday).  Visit Deacon Forb. in his solitariness under his Blindness.  Old Mrs. Woods lives with him.  I dined there.  N.B. Samuel McAllister and his wife, and Dinah Fay (Daughter of Mr. Gershom Fay) there also.  Visit Mr. Daniel Forb. whose little son has put out one of his ankle Bones and is confined.  Visit Ensign Miller, Monsieur LeBlanc.  N.B. Deacon Tainter has rid to Capt. Woods.  Mr. Edwards Whipple with me in returning home.  N.B. Mr. Barrett called here, he having visited Capt. Wood etc.  Dined and Spent the Afternoon there.

March 27, 1760

1760 March 27 (Thursday).  Mr. Smith came to see Me as I was preparing for the Catechizing.  He dined with us, and tarried the afternoon.  I was obliged to attend the Catechetical Exercise.  Had about 40 Young Women and Girls that attended it.  I delivered what I prepared and added some parts of sermon on Job 33.27, viz. from p. 2 to middle of p. 5.  N.B. When we sung there were but few assisted.  With Mr. Smith the Conversation both before and after Catechizing was upon Mr. Maccartys Conduct with the rest of the Council at Sutton, concerning Mr. Welman: and the great Increase of the Troubles in Southborough.

March 30, 1760

1760 March 30 (Sunday).  Read Job 15.  1 Cor. 1.  Preached a.m. on Jer. 17.27, which had Length sufficient perhaps for two but I could not well divide it.  I thought it much the best to deliver my whole preparation at once though I were obliged to use an old sermon in the afternoon.  Which I did, viz. on 1 Cor. 15.25 from page 105.  P.M. read the Governors Brief for a Contribution for the distressed in Boston.  I read also (in public) a Paragraph in the Thursdays News Letter, informing to whom the Collections are to be sent.

March 31, 1760

1760 March 31 (Monday).  Visited and prayed with Capt. Wood.  Mrs. Parker there and dresses it.  Ensign Benjamin Willard came home with me and dined here.  As did Mr. Aaron Nurse who setts up in its place, a Leach Tub in form of an Hopper made in the forenoon by Mr. Zebulun Rice.  P.M. Mr. Cushing is here, and tells me he can lend me £200 (old Tenor).  N.B. Alexander and Breck go mid-afternoon with Capt. Woods Oxen and Cart, to the ministerial Lot, and bring 30 Posts — but I was much concerned for them lest mischief Should befall them and walked to Capt. Rolfs.  However, they returned well, through the Goodness of God.  N.B. I sent this Morning by Mr. Edwards Whipple, to Mrs. Mary Jackson and son, the full of their Account against my late son Thomas; being £ L.M. or £9.17.4 old Tenor.