February 11, 1760

1760 February 11 (Monday).  Visit Mr. Solomon Baker and Wife.  Meet Mrs. Abigail Whipple going to her Daughter Warrin (though not sent for), her Daughter having Sent for Women last night.  And was delivered about Midnight, though her Mother had not heard of it.  An Heart-breaking Thing to the Poor Parents!  I visited Master Fessenden in his sickness, at Mr. Whipples — while I sat there Alex came for me, Mr. Stone being at our House.  I therefore returned — he lodges here.  Is in great Trouble by Reason of the Contentions in Southborough.  Is so worn out that he read a paper to the Church there last Lords Day in which he proposed to ‘em to give up the principal Vote against the Young People who had not Submitted them Selves — And left it to Consideration and was come to advise with me about it.  I could not but be surprized at Such a Proposal, especially so Suddenly.