June 16, 1759

1759 June 16 (Saturday).  This Day, being according the Old Stile the 15th, makes up Thirty five Years Since I gave my Answer to the Call given by the Town of Westborough to settle in the Work of the Ministry among them.  And to Day (by the kind Motion and Endeavours of Capt. Benjamin Wood) Eleven persons came gratis and hoed my Field at the back of the Meeting House.  They were, Capt. Wood and his Son, Mr. Williams and his son, Mr. Daniel Hardy, Mr. Hezekiah Pratt, Mr. Moses Twitchell, John How, Adam Rice, Amon Le Blanc for Capt. Fay, and William Bowman for Neighbour Barny Newton, and they finished the Field by 11 a.m.  A great Kindness and Relief to me!  May God Himself reward them!  Mr. Twitchell tarried and helped me in the East Yard, till noon, and dined with us.  P.M. Mr. Davidson, of Douglas, heretofore of Sutton, concerning whom so much was done there and at Oxford, was here, and detained me a great While: but it does not appear to be in my power to give him peace.