June 12, 1759

1759 June 12 (Tuesday).  My Daughter Baldwin and the Company that kindly waited upon her here left us to go to Concord and Newtown, and design to return to Boston tomorrow.  I carryed my Wife over to see her Cousen Maynard who is confined by the Meazles.  N.B. Much perplexed and disappointed in the Article of an Horse to plough among my Corn.  None to be had, though it is only for a beginning, that a Number of Hands who propose to come to hoe for me tomorrow may not stand still when they come.  But I can obtain none — till I ride to Deacon Tainters — who presently told me he had purposed to come to my House upon this very Affair.  He takes his Horse from his own plough and rides with me and (Alexander being gone to Neighbour Nathan Maynards to work for him in his Weeding, since I can’t go about my own, the Deacon) takes Samme and goes to ploughing in my Field at the Island.  For whose His kind and generous Disposition, may God Himself reward him!  Deacon Bond p.m. brought two load of Wood.