December 3, 1758

1758 December 3 (Sunday).  Read 2 Chron. 32.  Preached on Joh. 19.34.  Administered the Lords Supper.  N.B. Mr. Jonathan Burnap with us — and he dines here.  As does Deacon Tainter and his Wife.  P.M. omitted public Reading.  Repeated (with Alterations) sermon on Mat. 6.25.  The Day being short and Cold, when I desired the Church to tarry, told the Congregation that Such as were o mind to stay were welcome (for it would take a great deal of Time for the Congregation to go out) and then read the Result of Southborough Council.  N.B. After Meeting Lt. Whitney of Watertown, and his son were here, and Lt. Tainter and his son Warrin came in with them.  N.B. The Discourse chiefly in easing Mr. Warrins Mind about the Proceedings at Southborough.  Am sorry there needs so much to be said in Vindication.  But the world is full of unkind Reflections.