October 26, 1758

1758 October 26 (Thursday).  A very winter like Face on every Thing.  We have the pleasure of my Daughter and her little son here, together with their Nurse.  Alexander goes to Shrewsbury for my Mare and brings her.  Am confined by the storm from visiting Several Familys where there have been Bereavements by the War.  My sons are husking — but my own Business succeeds but poorly.  Alas, that I am so sluggish!  I had need be quickened, for the holy God has awfully smitten us, in taking away a most eminent person, the Rev. Pious and learned Mr. THOMAS PRINCE of Boston who dyed last Lords Day Evening.  He was one of the most usefull Men we have had for a great while.  Help Lord etc.  N.B. Joseph Thurston brought a Barrell of Cyder from Mr. Hezekiah How to whom I had lent one.