October 5, 1758

1758 October 5 (Thursday).  Nothing can be darker and more sad — the Partys extremely stiff and resolute against one another.  Mr. Welman and his Brethren urging that we do what we came for, and give them a Result: the aggrieved making Offers of a mutual Council, which if rejected, tis thought probable many of the precinct will hear him no more.  Thus we have things when we first meet one another in sadness this morning.  Our Hearts aking, our Eyes often to Heaven for the divine Compassion.  When we were also recollecting what God had done Sometimes heretofore; and to Support our Spirits observing that it was darkest just before morning — Ensign Goddard and Mr. Daniel Greenwood came with new Proposals and Offers (Perhaps Some of the withdrawing Partys late extraordinary Conduct, being likely to be Severely animadverted upon, might be a Stimulus) in which they are willing to bear the intire Charge of a mutual Council if they may have one.  Mr. W. and Ensign Barnard etc. will agree to having a mutual Council, if this Council may be one half, the aggrieved Brethren adding as many Churches hereto, and if they will bear half the Charge of this Council and of that proposed.  We ripen this Scheme, and it proves Successful thus far.  N.B. Rev. Messrs. Hall, Maccarty, John Brown, and Phipps dine with us.  I at night rode to my Kinsman Trasks to See his aged mother Fuller: and lodged there.