October 11, 1758

1758 October 11 (Wednesday).  Rode to Mr. Ephraim Bruce to Enquire of Affairs at the Camp.  There I saw Jonas Bradish and I design’d a visit to Mrs. Adams, but found her at Bruce’s.  N.B. Mr. Benoni Shurtleff is going to the Camp, for Capt. Aaron Fay who is an Invalid.  I wrote by him to Billy and Sent him a Dollar.  P.M. Mr. Joseph Miles of Shrewsbury here; he being in a very gloomy State.  His Wife is with him.  They have News that their Father, old Deacon Miles of Concord is dead.  May not only Relatives, but all survivors make a right use of Such a Providence!  My little Hannah, having the Fever and Ague, turns Yellow also.  Sophy also grows worse.