January 30, 1758

1758 January 30 (Monday).  Mrs. Maynard here through out the Day and lodges here, Mrs. P________ being in much Pain and Distress.  P.M. Mr. Eleazar Whitney comes with a Whirrey and carrys me to Deacon Tainters where a Number of the Brethren Meet with Robert Cook to confer with him about his Confession.  There were present Deacon Forb. and his Son Daniel, Mr. Nathaniel Whitney, Lt. Jonas Brigham, Messrs. Samuel and David Hardy, Mr. Solomon Woods, Mr. David Maynard, Mr. Eleazar Whitney, besides Deacon Tainter and his son; Mr. William Pierce was also there.  Cook was Seemingly very earnest in asking Forgiveness yet when some particulars were mentioned he had always reserves and alleviations.  When I came home, Mrs. Maynard here, Capt. Wood and his Wife and Deacon Bond here; my Wife in great pain and yet not near her Delivery.