January 11, 1758

1758 January 11 (Wednesday).  Sent back to Capt. Wood the Young Horse which he bought of Ensign Willard of Grafton; having understood that he was too breachy for me to keep.  Mr. Smith of Marlborough came up to See us though it rained — and knew not of our Lecture.  Mr. Stone and his Brother Thatcher came also.  They dined with us.  Mr. Thatcher preached on Luke 13.3.  This Lecture was appointed as a Special — on Account of the peculiar Situation of our Public Affairs both in Europe and America: For we may now apprehend the states and Powers which have the management of our public Affairs, are engaged in their Consultations; on which the important Events of the Ensuing Year will, under God, depend.  We ought therefore to wait upon God in the way of Devotion and Endeavours of Reformation.  And To be sure it is not unapposite in me to promote these Things, when my lately printed Discourse is about this Time more generally in the Hands of people.  May God Himself be pleased to quicken and assist and Succeed me a poor worthless insufficient Creature!  And prosper his Ministers and all His Servants engaged in this great Work!  Particularly what we heard this Day in the Serious, pungent Sermon delivered by his Servant Thatcher!  The Rain prevented the Ministers returning home till past nine at night.  Mr. Thatchers Horse had broke away to Southborough.  He therefore rode Mr. Smiths, and Mr. Smith lodged here.