May 31, 1757

1757 May 31 (Tuesday).  LeBlanc and his Daughter Mary, with his son Joseph LeBlanc (from Cambridge) are early this morning on their Journey o’foot to visit their Friends down below.  I rode over to t’other House to see how my Daughter in Law and the Children that are with her, do; and to enquire after my son who does not come from Brookfield as expected: but hear nothing of him.  I also visited old Mr. Maynard to read his Will to him again; it being his earnest Desire to hear it.  He Said upon it, that it was all in every part, as he would have it to be.  This I told Mr. Nathan Maynards Wife, and Miss Hannah Maynard, in the hearing of Dr. Crosby.  P.M. I visited Mr. Joseph Greens Daughter Mary who is sick and at Dr. Crosby’s Desire, went to the raising of his House.