May 3, 1757

1757 May 3 (Tuesday).  Went over to t’other House, my Son preparing to go again to Brookfield.  Reckoned with Lt. Maynard; my Account with him £15.5.3 old Tenor.  He threw in 40/ old Tenor and I gave him a Note to the Collector Forb. for the rest and for £8.15 which he paid me.  I also borrowed of him 10 Dollars till Mr. Forb. could collect some for me.  Visit Mr. David Maynards Wife who is near her time and in dejection.  Adam Rice at plough for me with our Team.  Hear the Sorrowful News that Jamaica is taken by the French.  Miss Huldah Stone assists Lucy in Quilting as above.  Returned the 10 Dollars I borrowed of Mr. Beton.