September 27, 1756

1756 September 27 (Monday).  In the morning Lt. Maynard came in haste to desire me to visit his Father who grows worse.  I Soon went; and found, alas!  that he was in a very low Condition, and it was very doubtful whether he would Recover.  He had his Reason in a Considerable Measure while I was there, and freely and bitterly lamented his Neglect of attending on the Lords Table: He Said if it Should please God to recover him, he would by no means neglect it any longer.  He desired me to pray to God for him, that in a Special Manner He would please to forgive that Sin.  I left him for a while, and visited Mr. Noah Hows and a Daughter of Mr. Warrin over the River who were sick also, and prayed with them, after which I returned to Capt. Maynards.  Doctor Crosby being with me and we both of us dined there.  I perceived that the Captain was altered, but, having his Reason, I conversed with him again.  The Doctor Said that for his part, he thought he was irrecoverable and that Death had seized him; I therefore went to him again and acquainted him with what the Doctor judged etc.  He said it did not strike him with so great Fear as might be thought, for he [torn] apprehensive of it and looking for it.  He desired me to offer up a short prayer before I left him.  We prayed and I took my final Leave of this old, and generous, Bountifull Friend.  I then went to see his Aged Uncle, who is grown weak and low; having prayed with him I returned home.  In the Evening finished and settled with Deacon Forbush and gave him a Receipt in full.