September 5, 1756

1756 September 5 (Sunday).  I have taken a late Cold and am much oppressed with it: was full of Hopes through the Week, of Preaching to Day, and therefore was fully prepared, as to Sermons composed; but now when the Day is come am so hoarse, and many ways so indisposed that I was all the Morning in great Concern what to do — till Mr. Cushing (So God was pleased in his good Providence to Order it) appeared in Sight — for he having got Mr. Crawford to preach for him, was come to help me; for which I was heartily thankfull.  He preached a.m. on Joh. 15.14.  P.M. on 1 Pet. 4.18.  At Eve he returned home, purposing to visit Mr. Edward Wilson in his Way, Mr. W. being dangerously sick.