August 22, 1754

1754 August 22 (Thursday).  I sent Billy to work with his Brother, but being not well he return’d home.  Early in the Morning I rode to Lieutenant Fays on my son Thomas’s Affair.  The Painter at the Meeting House having Colour’d the Pulpit 3 Times over return’d to Billerica from whence he came to us last Monday Eve.  Dull Cloudy Weather.  Prevents Ebenezers Busness in his Hay.  P.M. made a Visit to Mr. Williams on the account of the great Changes and Sudden, in his Circumstances for though he lost his Wife so lately, he is out-publish’d to another.  At Eve Mr. Phinehas Hardy Treasurer for the Precinct, came to reckon, and he receiv’d a Receipt from me in full of what the Precinct had voted Except the Deficiency in Mr. Bigelows Rates but including the Deficiency in Bruces.  Mr. Baldwin finishes his work at the Meeting House.  The Pulpit and the fronts of the Gallerys, Ministerial Pew and Deacon’s seat.  Likewise Three Pews for particular persons, viz. Deacon Newtons, Mr. Bonds, and Esquire Bakers.  Mr. Adams is building Three more.