August 21, 1754

1754 August 21 (Wednesday).  Mr. Barrett came not — I was oblig’d to preach the Public Lecture.  Text was Heb. 11.6.  Major Keys and Sir Foster[1] with us.  May God grant to all of us a Right and part in that better Country!  and may we seek it in a proper Manner!  N.B. Conversation after Dinner about Mr. Morse’s Letter to me about Mr. Silas Brigham — it was advis’d that I let the Matter run and not meddle with it, till more be done by Mr. Morse[2] at Shrewsbury Church.  When I return’d with Mr. Foster Stop’d at t’other House where was my Wife and we drank Tea there.

[1]Abiel Foster (Harvard 1756), later became the minister of Canterbury, N.H.

[2]The Reverend Ebenezer Morse of Boylston.