August 6, 1754

1754 August 6 (Tuesday).  My Kinswoman etc. pursue their Journey.  The Lord conduct and defend her!  Being nigh out of Cyder I rode to Mr. Harringtons for supply.  Thomas and Billy mow and rake a little at the Newton Meadow:  and Neighbour Moses Nurse brings up a Load of Hay from thence.  Mrs. Prentice,[1] I hear, at Grafton, and that her Exhortings have Success.

[1]Mrs. Solomon Prentice was one of that fanatic band of “immortals” in the vicinity.  [Additional note: See Ross W. Beales, Jr, “The Ecstasy of Sarah Prentice: Death, Re-Birth, and the Great Awakening in Grafton, Massachusetts” Historical Journal of Massachusetts 26:2 (1997): 101-23.]