June 5, 1754

1754 June 5 (Wednesday).  Preach’d my own Lecture on 1 Cor. 11.31 to page 10.  Read the Letter from the aggrieved Brethren at Sudbury — and left the Affair to further Consideration.  After Lecture Came Justice Liscom[1] to acquaint me that old Mr. Johnson[2] is dead and Mr. Stone being gone to Harwich, the survivors desire me to attend the Funeral next Saturday.  N.B. Inform’d concerning Brother Abijah Gales Conduct towards Mr. Isaac Amsdens wife; and desire he would stay from the Communion till the Cause can be heard.  At Eve came Messrs. Williams and Breck of Springfield and lodge here.  Lieutenant Tainter took my Billy with him to lead the Horses to his Barn.

[1]Samuel Lyscomb of Southborough.

[2]William Johnson of Southborough.