June 1, 1754

1754 June 1 (Saturday).  Set out Early in the Morning from Brother Harringtons.  Stop’d at Mr. Woodburns[1] Tavern in Waltham, and wrote a Letter by him to Brother Samuel Parkmans.  Cross’d Charles River and went to Captain Josh Fullers.  Proceeded up to Natick.  Refresh’d at the Reverend Mr. Badgers;[2] visited Mrs. Peabody:[3] and Mr. Hezekiah Coolidge having invited me to his Fathers in Sherbourn, promising to come up with me — I therefore rode there; but he was not at Home.  It was said he was gone to his Uncle’s, Major Coolidge.  It was about noon when I left Mr. James Coolidges and proceeded to the Majors — but neither was he there.  I din’d there, and hastened to Colonel Buckminster’s.  From whence Dr. Wilson[4] of Sherbourn rode with me some miles — and gave me an account of Some of Coolidge’s late Conduct at Coltons Tavern in Cambridge — his gaming etc.  In Southborough a storm rising (after I left Mr. Stones) I was oblig’d to stop at Lieutenant Brighams.  Arriv’d in Safety and found my Family well.  D.O.M. Gratis.

[1]Samuel Woodburn.

[2]Stephen Badger.  [Additional note: (1726-1803), Harvard 1747, the last of the missionaries to the Native Americans of Natick; Sibley, 12:104-08.]

[3]The widow of the Reverend Oliver Peabody of Natick.

[4]John Wilson (Harvard 1741) practiced for a time among the Indians at Natick and then settled in Hopkinton.  Sibley, XI, 96-97.