June 6, 1754

1754 June 6 (Thursday).  The Horses fetch’d by Billy, and the said Springfield Gentlemen leave us.  N.B. Mr. Ebenezer Rice repeatedly request he may cutt two or three large Trees for Timber in the Ministerial Lott — I advis’d yesterday with several of the selectmen, and to Day with Esquire Baker.  I am not so free to sell any stick off from that Lot; but Mr. Rice tells me they are such Trees as are not likely to be of so great profit and Service any other way.  It was also desir’d that Mr. Marly were appriz’d of it, that there might be no Disquietment, even although he has verbally declar’d he Should not trouble himself about the Ministerial Rights.  But Mr. Rice said he could not have Time to go over to Mr. Martyns[1] or Captain Eagers about it.  Whereupon I told him he had heard what anyhow the Case was; he must use his Discretion.  He said if he did cut ‘em he would pay all Damages that Should ensue, every manner of the Way.

[1]The Reverend John Martyn of Northborough.