April 17, 1754

1754 April 17 (Wednesday).  Mr. Martyn and Mr. Smith came to Association.  Mr. Davis preach’d on 1 Cor. 16.13.  We went in a Body to see Colonel Ward,[1] at his request, he being in a low State of Health.  I pray’d with him.  His Daughter also ill.  Mr. Millen[2] my Company home, but he goes to Hopkinton.  Mr. John Child and his Lad and Dr. Jenison lodge.  I Sent my Mare to Captain Bakers and Dr. Jenisons[3] to Deacon Newtons.

[1]Justice Nahum Ward of Shrewsbury died a few weeks later, May 7, 1754.

[2]The Reverend John Mellen of Sterling.

[3]William Jennison, who did not have a college education, studied medicine with Dr. Stanton Prentice of Lancaster.  He began to practice medicine in Mendon in May, 1753, but “afterwards engaged in trade.”  Bond, Watertown, II, 802.