April 1, 1754

1754 April 1 (Monday).  Richard Kelly works here.  Noah Forbush here still at Shooework.  Ebenezer plough’d [in my Garden and split] the Indian Hills at my New Barn — and carry’d out some Muck from the stables.  P.M. Mr. Abraham Smith and his Brother Francis Wheeler here.  Mr. Nathaniel Green Coroner, with an Assistant here after Mr. Smith.  Mr. Smith and I return our writings which had past and reciprocally burn our Agreement and give mutually Full Discharge.  Mr. Green I suppose arrested or seiz’d him and they went all off together.  I fear the Event with poor Smith.  The Lord pitty, convince and forgive him!  and may I be in a proper Frame towards him.  May God forgive me wherein I have offended in my trading with him!