April 14, 1754

1754 April 14 (Sunday).  Read Judg. 18.  Preach’d on Ez. 18.30, repeating with alterations and additions Sermon on Jer. 31, from page 15 to the End.  P.M. Read Jam. 5, preach’d on 1 Thess. 4.17, last Clause, and chiefly made use of Sermon on Ps. 17, ult.  The Happiness of Heaven from the Company:  Especially of the glorious God Himself — from page 73 to 82.  The Reason of my using old sermons to Day (though I made great Alterations) was I was preparing on a difficult Text, viz. Rom. 5.12, and by means of many Interruptions as well as the Subject I could not accomplish my Preparations.  N.B. My Kinsman was so ill that he went not to Meeting at all.