September 23, 1752

1752 September 23 (Saturday).  One Smith of Medfield here, enquiring about the Remedy for Cancers, his Father in Law, one Mr. Hammond having one, which has already destroyed one of his Eyes and now eats his Cheek.  Wrote to Mr. Martyn to preach here tomorrow if Mr. Frink[1] preaches for him.  The return was that he must preach at Marlborough.  I wrote also to Mr. Cushing having been inform’d that Mr. Swan[2] is to preach for him: the return was that tomorrow will be their Sacrament, but that he will not prevent Mr. Swans coming to us.  Billy brought over divers of our Goods from t’other House.

[1]Thomas Frink of Rutland.

[2]Josiah Swan, formerly the minister of Dunstable, and now a schoolmaster of Lancaster.