September 16, 1752

1752 September 16 (Saturday).  This being the 51st Day in Old Style I would consider as being my Birth Day; and Bless God who has so wonderfully preserv’d me, and graciously born with me through such a long Space as 49 Years.  Vide Natalitia.


[Under the date of September 5, 1752 the following appears in the Natalitia.]


I attended in Some poor, broken manner upon like Exercises with those which have been wont to employ me on these Days.  But am now under the holy Frowns of a righteous God afflicting and chastizing me by the Remains of illness, pains and weakness, which may it please God to Sanctifie and remove!  And Blessed be His glorious Name, that in the Midst of Wrath he has remembered Mercy; and that I am in Some Measure reliev’d and hope I am in a Way of Recovery.  If it shall please Him to restore me to His service, May my Life be devoted to Him and to His Glory at another Rate than ever heretofore!  But desire humbly to yield myself to the Sovereign Will and Pleasure of the most high!  I will, by his Grace enabling Me thereto bear the Indignation of the Lord for I have sinn’d against Him.


[The entry for September 16, 1752 continued in the diary.]


My Thumb on my left Hand begins to be in Pain; and it increas’d more and more.  P.M. Mr. Joseph Manning comes from Concord and informs me that Mr. Minot, to whom I sent to preach for me tomorrow cannot come, it being Sacrament Day there.  Deacon Newton brings me Directions and a little vial from Dr. Scammell.