August 20, 1751

1751 August 20 (Tuesday).  The Young Women rode with me to the New House, and we din’d there p.m.  I rode back and brought my Wife here to the New House, where now we take up our Dwelling, for the present, at least.  O may God be pleas’d to take up His Dwelling with us.  Rainy morn.  They work part of the Day in Clearing out Shavings and Dirt out of the New House.  At Eve, while we were in our New Circumstances, came Mrs. Peggy and Mrs. Isabella Breck, wifes of Messrs. John[1] and Robert Breck[2] of Boston; (accompany’d by Captain Maynard) and they lodg’d here.

[1]Mrs. Parknian’s cousin, a merchant of extensive business, often engaged in the Newfoundland fishery.  Samuel Breck, Genealogy of the Breck Family (Omaha, 1889), pp. 18-19

[2]This cousin of Mrs. Parkman was a cooper of Boston.