August 18, 1751

1751 August 18 (Sunday).  Read Numb. 11, preach’d on 1 Cor. 6.11.  Din’d at the New House.  P.M. read Rom. 1.  I gave an account of the Epistle and the Contents of the first Chapter.  Preach’d on Job 15.11.  Return’d to the old House at Eve, with Mr. John Green[1] who (as also old Mr. Joseph Green) din’d with me to Day.

[1]This was perhaps a man by that name, referred to as “a sore trial to the thrifty farmers who had to ‘entertain’ him by turns, and who appointed successive committees in town meeting to ascertain whether he belonged of right in town, and whether he had no relatives anywhere who could support or relieve him.”  DeForest and Bates, Westborough, p. 105.