August 11, 1751

1751 August 11 (Sunday).  Read Numb. 10 and preach’d on 1 Cor. 6.9, the first 4 pages, which I deliver’d in the Year 1727/8.  My Family din’d at the New House.  Mr. Stephen Maynard at noon came for me to go up to Stephen Newton who is nigh expiring and I comply’d.  P.M. read the last Chapter of Acts.  Went on with 1 Cor.  Deliver’d page 5 and from page 13 to 19.  (For although I had prepar’d in part on Job 15.11, Yet I could not finish it, having So many Different Cares and Encumbrances at the Time of So many workmen, and at such a Distance from home.)  Stephen Newton Expir’d p.m.