April 30, 1750

1750 April 30 (Monday).  Rode to Mr. Dunlops to see him in his Sickness.  Lieutenant Tainter blooded him.  I return’d with him to his House, as a terrible Storm of Thunder and Rain arose.  Din’d at Lieutenant Tainters.  P.M. visited old Mrs. Dorcas Forbush.  N.B. Mr. David Batherick fell upon me as I was coming out of the Door with bitter Resentments of Abuse, because when I yesterday, for the last singing in Publick appointed Mean Tune to be sung, and he instead of Mean, Set Canterbury (as I thought through either Mistake, or because he could not strike upon Mean at that Time) I set the Tune mention’d myself.  Nor did I know that this or the other Triple Time Tunes were displeasing to any, till he now makes it one aggravation of the Offence that I knew that people did not like it and yet I would Sett it.  N.B. Mrs. Batherick Said there was one who said he would go out if that Tune was Sung.  I answer’d that (who ever he was) he was (or would be if he Should do so) a Blockhead for his Pains.  N.B. Lieutenant Thomas Forbush sat by and heard his Bitterness.  N.B. I was very much mov’d, and gave him Some deserv’d Correction.  But the Lord forgive what was amiss in me at this Critical Juncture.  When I came home, I found here Mr. Samuel Haven[1] of Framingham who desires he may come and board at my House and study Divinity.

[1](Harvard 1749).  The son of the prominent office holder of Framingham, Joseph Haven.  Temple, Framingham, p. 579.