April 17, 1750

1750 April 17 (Tuesday).  Mr. Ezekiel Dodge came here last Night from Abington with Letter to our Church to request Assistance in his Ordination, and with a Special Request to Me in particular which I am full of Fears I can’t comply with my reason of my great Perplexity about my Building.  P.M. I made a visit to Mr. Stephen Fay and his Wife who are tomorrow to move to Lambs Town.  N.B. Neighbour Benjamin Fay and Neighbour Eliezer Rice there when I talk’d to them.  In returning I call’d at Esq. Bakers.  N.B. Consult him about my Building.  N.B. Strange accounts about Mr. Jonas Child, his Conduct about his bargaining away his place and beating his wife and Children.